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Wood Fencing

Even though many think of wood fencing to be non-durable, that is never the entire reality. Wood fencing is a typical style in the neighborhoods. For any landscape or home environment, it offers an appealing appearance matching the surrounding theme. Often, many use it to achieve privacy in their yards. If they have a swimming pool, for instance, they would need an enclosed place, not to show neighbors their privacy.
How long a wood fence would last is depending on two main factors:
• The quality of material used
• How proper you care for your fence (quality maintenance)
At Triple J fencing company, we offer one of the best services when it comes to wood fencing. After you introduce us to your home or yard, we will come up with the best wood fence designs that will most suitably fit your budget, landscape, and also your desires. About the quality of wood, do not worry. We have some of the highest quality fencing woods we use for any of our constructions.

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The quality of material used


These are essential material parts needful in wood fence construction. They anchor the fence firmly into the ground and hold it upright. Because of their contact with the ground, the effects of moisture and rotting are common. Our way around this is always to use treated wood.


We are highly selective on the rail types we use for our wood fencing constructions. Since the rails do not get in contact with the ground, we only go for the most appropriate wood types. This means, not necessarily those treated under pressure. Note that the main reason behind this is that treated rail woods tend to twist, and that can be quite problematic. On the other hand, we do not use cedar for any of this – it is often too soft. We only use hardwoods such as Hem-Fir – they are quite useful in bringing out high quality fence that would last.

Fencing Contractor

Since 2017 our family owned business has been managed by three brothers. (Alvin Jr.)(Justin)and (Gerald)we focus 100% on customer satisfaction and use only the highest quality materials. Whether you are looking for privacy fence / barbed wire/ woven wire/ hightensile wire/ board fence/ or any fencing project call anytime for your free estimate.