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What is the Chain Link Fence?

One most typical fences you will always meet around is the chain-link type. You most probably might have seen it around homes, airports, court playgrounds, and so on. Its better definition is a woven fence designed with either LLDPE-coated steel or galvanized wire forming a diamond pattern. The zig-zag design result from bent and interlocking wires. Other names they use in its reference are wire netting, diamond-mesh fence, chain-wire fence, wire-mesh fence, hurricane fence, or cyclone fence.

Uses of chain link fence

The chain-link fence only suits specific uses as other fence types. The following are major areas and sectors where it most applies.

  • Sports fields
    Chain-link fences help separate players from the spectators. If you visit outdoor play courts such as tennis and baseball, you will most likely see these fences. The transparency and protective qualities they pose makes them the most suitable choice.
  • Animals and people containment areas
    Chain links fences help restrain movements of both animals and humans across specified boarders.
  • Factories and buildings
    Chain link fence helps restrict in and out movements by people in factory premises.
  • Defining boundaries
    You can use a chain-link fence to define the boundaries of your farm or land.
  • Home safeguard
    If you are not using other fence types, chain link can play a vital role in safeguarding your home.

A chain-link fence could have more applications. The one you chose for it, however, must meet its capabilities and relevance.

Mythical facts on Chain Link Fence

Many misinformed persons look down upon chain link fencing for various mystical concepts. Some of the facts they conclude include the following.

  • Chain-link fencing is outdated and ugly: It may be one of the oldest fencing methods but not ineffective.
  • It lacks privacy: You can decide on whether to make your chain link fence visible or not. Adding a black or green windscreen to your fence makes it lesser transparent.
  • Chain link is less secure: It could only be insecure without a topping barbed wire. You can have one surrounding the entire perimeter on top of the chain-link fence.

Advantages of chain link fence

Here are some of the top pro feature characteristics of a chain-link fence.

  • Visibility: Chain link fence allows you to see through. You can, therefore, watch a sports match going on, airplane taking off, and much more without crossing defined borders.
  • Fast installation: Installing a chain link fence is always fast than many other options. The different sections of it come ready for installation. It is only a little welding process involved.
  • It allows upgrade for more security: You can make your fence more secure by adding a barbed wire at its top.
  • It is private: Add black or gree windscreen to your chin link fence and make it invisible.

Multi-use: Chain link fence suits many sectors and uses; sports fields, airports, schools, factories, and so on.

Disadvantages of chain link fence

  • Chain link needs topping up for more security
  • Lack of privacy without a windscreen
  • It needs frequent maintenance

Chain link fencing could be among the oldest fencing techniques; however, still, it is quite purposeful. Overall, it is customizable, safe, convenient, and most affordable. It is a multiuse choice you can go-to as well.

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