Vinyl Fencing

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Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is not any different from other fencing types we offer. What sets it apart is the material used. Instead of metal, wires, concrete, or wood, it uses polyvinyl chloride (PVC) made materials. The PVC, in this case, gets treated with other ingredients to form a highly robust, durable, and pretty design. As ready products in the market, the producing factories avail them as either of the following;
• A complete solid
• Vinyl privacy fence with a lattice top, or
• Privacy fence with pickets on the top

Positive qualities of a vinyl fence

As a better alternative to other fencing materials, vinyl offers more user advantages on fencing. Below are some that importantly, you should know.

Highly Durable

A vinyl fence won’t rot, warp, blister or split like a wood fence. Also, you do not expect them to corrode, rust, chip, or peel like aluminum. Their structural re-enforcement, combined with proper installation, makes them what they are.

Low Maintenance

If you are looking for the best fence with the most moderate support, the vinyl is it. Other than maybe cleaning it by spraying water on it, it will never require staining, sanding, or painting.


Vinyl material is recyclable. Meaning, instead of throwing your old fence in the trash, you can have it renewed. The use of vinyl also helps prevent cutting down of trees for fencing. This is one better way to preserve and to conserve our environment.


A vinyl fence does not contain any treatment chemicals like the wood one. The chemicals might be better for its maintenance; however, it might harm your hosted animals. Also, about safety, wood fences sometimes might have dangerously protruding nails and splits, which can cause severe injuries to you or your animals.

How we do our Vinyl Fencing

Triple J Fencing is a highly reliable company dealing in fencing as a whole. An area we demonstrate our vast expertise in the construction of the vinyl fences. As easy it might seem, the process needs an expert who will remember your landscapes and work with your budget to give better results. 

Our company has a team of professional, well-cut out for vinyl fencing. They know where to get the best materials and the various ideas to use in any of their constructions. Having us handle your work, therefore, is an assurance of high-quality work. Our services are all available over parts of Kentucky and Tennessee. You can contact us today and get your quote.

Fencing Contractor

Since 2017 our family owned business has been managed by three brothers. (Alvin Jr.)(Justin)and (Gerald)we focus 100% on customer satisfaction and use only the highest quality materials. Whether you are looking for privacy fence / barbed wire/ woven wire/ hightensile wire/ board fence/ or any fencing project call anytime for your free estimate.