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Privacy Fencing

Homeowners are now going for privacy fencing as a better means to maintain their confidentiality. The fencing style is one that is quite effective in ensuring that no neighbors or passerby see all that is going on at your compound. 

Having one styling all through the neighborhood might only create monotony. At Triple J Company, we offer various and lots of privacy fencing ideas to go by. Beyond the ideas, we have a team of fencing experts who always ensure you get the very best in our constructions. They will always come up with the most fantastic designs that surpass your fencing needs. Below are some of the privacy fencing ideas we offer.

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Basic Privacy Fence

This fencing idea mainly involves cedar designed in a close and tightly fitting manner forming a six feet tall fence. Its top remains flat unless you want to add on some designs to enhance its appearance. Most people use the doe ear curve or other dynamic patterns to create a desirable design they want.

Picture Frame Fence

On the picture idea, you will have posts and rails, vertically and horizontally positioned respectively, forming the fence. It is one highly decorative fencing idea featuring lots of charming appearance and still offers numerous customization options. Hence, you can select on your preferred board and frame height as well as width. Also, with extra wood trimming art, you can make the entire idea look more attractive.

privacy fence installers
privacy fence installers

Lattice Top Fence

Decorating your fence with lattice is another great idea to go by. Often, you would have your lattice on your already designed fence. Some people also may want it in the middle section of their fencing body, thus creating a semi-privacy result.

Good Neighbor Fence

Another quality privacy fencing idea is the Good Neighbor Fence. Here, every detail on the posts and rails remains the same; however, the fixing differs. Instead of having the boards fixing all on the same side of the supporting rails, they will be alternating. More customization options on this will mainly focus on enlarging or reducing the gaps between the boards.

privacy fence installers

Semi Privacy Fence

If you do not want to feel all enclosed, you can adapt the semi-privacy fence idea. This option involves spacing out your fencing boards to create partial privacy with the next neighbors. Our team is perfect at this. We will ensure it comes out the best way you like it. These and many other fencing ideas are what we have to install for you. Triple J is a highly dedicated company that will always ensure to give you better!

Fencing Contractor

Since 2017 our family owned business has been managed by three brothers. (Alvin Jr.)(Justin)and (Gerald)we focus 100% on customer satisfaction and use only the highest quality materials. Whether you are looking for privacy fence / barbed wire/ woven wire/ hightensile wire/ board fence/ or any fencing project call anytime for your free estimate.