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Your Go-To Fence Company is here. Here at Triple J Fencing LLC, we value integrity, honesty and professionalism.  Each fence project is carefully picked and planned to make sure we deliver no less than an excellent job. Our team is constituted of highly trained workers who will take your fence project from the stage of an idea to a satisfying reality. For any project related to fencing, look no further. Call Triple J Fencing.

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Privacy Fencing

Homeowners are now going for privacy fencing which provides better security and privacy

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Agriculture Fencing

Triple J understands that you want to protect your investments in large animals by giving them a safe environment with a Agriculture fencing.

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Fencing Services by Triple J Fencing

Wood Fencing

For landscape and environment, Wood Fencing offers safety and an appealing appearance.

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Vinyl Fencing services

Vynil Fencing

For the Vinyl Fencing, The PCV, in this case, gets treated to form a highly robust, durable, and pretty designs.

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Chain Link Fending Services

Chain Link

For either commercial, industrial, government, or public fencing, chain link servers a great parameter fence.

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The vinyl material used in constructing fences is both eco-friendly and eco-cautious. No animals interacting with them can be affected by any of its chemical composition. Also, unlike wood or barbed wire fence, they come with smooth edges that are less harmful in case an animal leans or scratches on it.

Generally, vinyl costs a bit higher than the wood. Per linear foot, vinyl, for instance, on average goes for between $25 and $40 while the same measurement for wood, $10 to $30. Apart from the prices of material, even in installation, vinyl fence costs much higher.

There could be many other reasons behind these price variations; however, for vinyl being highly durable makes it more expensive.

The decision on whether or not to repaint your timber fencing all depends on whether you have money to be repainting it after every 1 -3 years. Paints make beautiful your fence; however, they have a disadvantage of cracking and peeling off. However, there are other options you might want to consider this, apply a stain or using vinyl.

The stain will give your fence a better look; however, it will also fade out sometime later, albeit not as soon as paint. Unlike paint, it will not require any scraping off for repaint, and that saves  time.

The most reliable option is vinyl. It is all-weather resistant, sturdy, and highly durable. It only needs washing for maintenance.


There are three main types of driveway gates you can have at your home. These are;

  • Horizontally clad exotic wood sliding driveway gate.

  • Hillside installed a single slide glass and steel driveway gate

  • Wrought iron and sheet metal-sliding driveway gate

Their primary construction materials are vinyl and aluminum. Based on their designs, they are available at different price rates.

How high you build your home fence depends on several factors. First, if you need to hide as much as possible from neighbors or passersby, a tall fence will do. However, it should also be all closed, not partially-privacy fencing. A tall fence will also mean that you do not want any possibility of an intruder jumping over it into your compound. To enhance security, you can also include electric fencing on top of your main fence.

Short fencing is manly for demarcations and not separating your home with the neighbors. Different styles are available for this – you should pick that matching your preferences.

Many pl parts of the world have no shortage of the many fencing service providers. However, what makes some better is the quality of service they offer and not affordability alone. Tripple J Fencing is one most reliable company you can trust for high-level expertise when it comes to any fencing project.

You can contact us today for a free quotation.

or its high effectiveness, multipurpose nature, and highly affordable prices, Chain-link stands out to be the best security fence. With proper installation, it prevents a lot of protrusion and remains highly durable. Another feature it holds is its high customization of nature. It is effortless to enhance security measures on it by adding a razor wire at its top, which as well, is highly durable and highly affordable.

There is not a restriction on how high you can build your fence. However, the taller it is, the more money and time you spend making it. It is only typical in some states that the front yard fences should be 3 feet and backyard 6 to 8 feet. However, you can still make it your own desired measurements.

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Since 2017 our family owned business has been managed by three brothers. (Alvin Jr.)(Justin)and (Gerald)we focus 100% on customer satisfaction and use only the highest quality materials. Whether you are looking for privacy fence / barbed wire/ woven wire/ hightensile wire/ board fence/ or any fencing project call anytime for your free estimate.