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At Triple J Fencing, we are the professionals when it comes to expert construction of any farm fence. Locking up or padlocking livestock or pets is a common practice. However, when you do not know how to properly do it, it becomes a problem. Depending on the type of animal you will be holding, constructing the most reliable fence will be very important. Otherwise, you will have intruders getting in or your animals going out of the premises.

There are many aspects we consider as a company when our services on farm fencing are required. Other than the type of animals you need to contain, we also focus on originality that goes well with your landscape. Additionally, we look at how big the perimeter is. What we always want is to offer you the best design in every construction you involve us in.

  With farm fencing, many ideas can be considered. The material used in this also varies and can be of any type as long as they can hold up long enough and can serve purposefully. You will find some constructions with barbed wires, others wood, and even vinyl. At times, it will be a combination of two or more materials – wood posts and barbed wires, for instance.

Here are some of the farm fencing types to choose from, and we will help you with the construction.

Horse Fence

This fencing type is mainly for horses. It resembles the welded wire type, but it has smooth sides to avoid causing injuries to your livestock when they scratch on it. Most of them come with a V-shaped wire mesh of either 12-gauge or 14-gauge to prevent horses’ hooves from getting stuck on it.

Chicken Wire

These are common, too, in the neighborhoods. They are mainly for keeping chickens away from their hunters. The fencing style on it consists of a wire mesh with small gauges and supporting posts.
All these above, plus other fencing types, like field fence and deer and wildlife fence are all within our package.

Chicken Fencing

Wire Fencing

Barbed Wire

If you are going to fence a large piece of land, barbed wire would most likely be the best option to use. Its primary use covers corralling herds of livestock, cattle, horses, goats, and so on, kept in vast acres of land. Its additional use is in securing the perimeter of a property. If you have land not in use, this wire can help mark, and to a better extent, defend that territory. There is also a barbed wire used on top of other fencing techniques, the razor wire. Its purpose is to add more security to the main fence. It comes with sharp razors, shaper than those of a typical barbed wire.

Chain Link Fencing Services

Chain Link Fencing

Here is another typical and most accessible fence type to install, the chain link. You will find it in most yards and open playing grounds such as tennis. Some people also have it to secure their pet's area.

Pet Pens Fencing

This type of fencing is common among those raising home pets such as dogs or even livestock. It is meant for separating these animals from mating or other interactions.

Triple J Fencing Services

High-Tensile Wire Fence

These are one of the cheapest wire fencing styles. Their primary use is providing a security perimeter around a large or small piece of land, raising livestock or other animals. There are two options in this fencing style; one that uses electricity and that which does not.

An electrified, high-tensile fence uses five smooth wire strands that keeps the herd either in or out.

Beyond these 5, Triple J offers other more customized wire fencing options which you may want. Next time you think of putting up a fence, you can contact us anytime for the very affordable quotes and advice we offer on fencing.

Fencing Contractor

Since 2017 our family owned business has been managed by three brothers. (Alvin Jr.)(Justin)and (Gerald)we focus 100% on customer satisfaction and use only the highest quality materials. Whether you are looking for privacy fence / barbed wire/ woven wire/ hightensile wire/ board fence/ or any fencing project call anytime for your free estimate.